10 Curtain Mistakes you should never make

Let’s talk about the right way to hang curtains to make your space look larger and more luxurious. Are you ready to make your space look larger, more luxurious and stylish? Here are some curtain mistakes you may be making that could be holding you back from achieving the look you want:

1. Not measuring correctly

You have to measure your window so that your curtains don’t fall short or hang too far out. This can ruin the look of a room.

2. Using too many hooks

If you use too many hooks, it will cause your curtains to sag and pull down on one side of the rod, which ruins the effect of having them hang straight across from one another. If you’re using a decorative rod instead of an adjustable rod, consider using fewer hooks than recommended by the manufacturer.

Curtain hanging tips
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3. Not hanging them straight

Curtain rods should always be set up so that they line up perfectly with each other when viewed from either side of the window frame (or door frame if using valances). If they aren’t aligned correctly, it can ruin both their aesthetic appeal as well as their functionality (for example, if they’re not aligned correctly then light may shine through one side but not another).

4. Hanging them too high or too low

Don’t hang them too close to the ceiling—you want to leave some space there so that they don’t feel claustrophobic.

5. Not taking into account the length of each panel

try not to hang all of your curtains at one height—make sure there’s some variation between them so that it doesn’t look like you just put up a bunch of sheets.

6. Failing to consider how far apart each curtain should be from one another

If you’re trying to create an illusion of space or lightness, try hanging some curtains higher than others and letting them cascade down from there. You can also use panels or valances as a way of creating this effect without having too much fabric in one place (this is especially good if you have kids who like pulling on things).

7. Save some space

Hang your curtains so that they cover no more than 75% of the window frame. People tend to overhang their windows with curtains, which makes their rooms appear smaller than they really are. Remember: less is more!

8. Not getting enough light

Not getting enough light blocking out of your curtains (or not having enough light getting through them). If you want more privacy from outside views, opt for thicker curtains that block more light than thinner ones. If you want natural light in your home, go with thinner curtains (or get rid of them entirely!).

Photo by Sara Rolin on Unsplash
Photo by Sara Rolin on Unsplash

9. Using too many panels

There’s no rule that says you have to use multiple panels in your window treatments—you can use one, two, or even three panels per window. Just make sure that whatever you choose, it’s the right size for your space.

10. Take advantage of rods

Use fullness rods when possible—they give your room a more spacious feel than half-width rods would (which are often used in bathrooms). And if you have a large window that needs two sets of brackets at each end? That’s fine—just use two fullness rods instead

Make sure your curtain rod is centered on the window, not off to one side or another. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when hanging their curtains—and it’s an easy fix!

We all know that curtains are an important part of the interior decoration. If you have a small room, they can make it look bigger. If you have a large room, they will make it look more elegant and stylish.

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