Low maintenance bathroom and bathroom cleaning tips

Your bathroom’s design determines whether or not cleaning would be bothersome or quite a five-five task. Therefore, a little forethought goes a long way, and your bathroom’s blueprint should tailor a design that makes everyday cleaning quite a breeze. But while that counts, you also need to know the best ways to spiff it up without too much effort. This article explains how to create a low maintenance bathroom that’s easy to clean and the best possible bathroom cleaning tips you can use.

Create Wider Spaces

Most homeowners prefer singular bathrooms since they include pretty much everything. But a disadvantage with such bathroom layouts is that they may allow for tight spaces creating havens for bacteria to breed and mold to build up. If the toilet and the bathtubs are in a similar space, keeping them wide apart eliminates tight spaces for easy cleaning. If you include a few other accessories, you shouldn’t compact them too much. While cleaning these spaces, you can use some bleach to kill bacteria and eliminate molds. Or some vinegar can offer the best way to clean a bathroom since it’s entirely workable.

Play Smart With the Colors

You should use easy-clean colors for an on-end clean bathroom. A patterned coloring movement looks good on tiles and dupes the eye into focusing less on the floors. Instead, it creates a much better appeal and adds an aesthetic touch. However, avoid catchier patterns and decorations since they invite people to stare down and eventually catch specks of dirt when you haven’t had the time to clean your floors. If possible, use similar floor tiles for the lower half of your walls to make it much easier to clean. Regardless, despite your tile hues having your back with keeping dirt less noticeable, you should disinfect your walls and floors regularly.

Choose Smooth-Surface Tiles

While virtually every tile can be fit for your bathroom, some can be challenging to clean due to their surface finishing. Besides, the size of tiles you choose matters if you need to ease your cleaning. Glazed ceramic floor tiles and polished porcelain will help you with that. These tiles have no tiny holes for smudge and dirt to lodge in or bacteria to find their way on. Also, more oversized tiles should be your go-to choice since they have fewer grout lines that are notorious for getting too dirty. But if smaller tiles are your preference, then cleaning them with a bit of bleach and detergent and using a tough-bristle brush can do it. 

White Large Bathroom Subway Tiles
White Large Bathroom Subway Tiles

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Have a Vanity Closet to Ease Space

Imagine having to declutter your bathroom before tidying it up? A vanity closet helps organize things better and makes your cleaning easy. A vanity that fuses with your basins and tubs is much better since it doesn’t allow tiny spaces for water and dirt to create a sludge for bacteria breeding. Above your vanity, you may install your taps, ensuring they cover a significant length towards your sinks’ centers to avoid water dripping to the floors. Besides, these taps must be less ridged to prevent bacteria and germ hideouts. If these taps are wall mounted, the better. 

Vanity Closet
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Use Stain-Resistant Paints

Not everyone would fancy a tiled bathroom. And if you find yourself in the position of designing your bathroom without tiles, then bare concrete walls will do fine. However, your choice of paint matters a lot since it dictates whether or not you’ll be fighting off mold and touch stains. Stain-resistant paints are usually the best since they have the propensity to avoid discoloration or absorbing stains. Your stain-resistant paint should also have antibacterial properties to resist fungal growth and resist cracking and peeling. Paints that have soft sheens enable easy brushing and come with a superior flow. These paints are quite a breeze to wash and don’t need much effort scrubbing.

Have a Handheld Shower

You may need to horse down your walls, tubs, and toilets once in a while, and the least you’d want to do is lift heavy water buckets. Regular fixed showers are fine, but it’d be much easier if you had a handheld type on the side to improve your cleaning. Once you wet the surfaces that need cleaning, you can apply detergent and scrub using a brush, and including a little bleach would kill bacteria and remove the tough stains. Afterward, you can leverage the water pressure to spray water using your handheld showers, quickly reaching every corner.

Use a Rimless Toilet Design

Rimless toilets don’t feature hard-to-reach designs or hidden undersides for bacteria havens, making them ideal. But even if you choose the rimmed types, you must be more conscious of adequately cleaning them. The cleaning can be a bit tedious and consuming but not infeasible. Rimless toilets need less water and detergent to clean, and you can do it quickly enough.

Photo by 99.films on Unsplash
Photo by 99.films on Unsplash

Opt for Antibacterial BPA-Free Bathtub Mats

Your bathtub mats offer much-needed grip to prevent slides and mainly feature tiny suction cups to hold on to the tub. These cups can be notorious for hiding germs and bacteria, so you’ll need to reposition and clean them often. But not all types will make your cleaning easy, but antibacterial BPA-free bathtubs have what it takes. This material has the knack for fending off bacteria and molds, freeing you the chance to deal with tough stains.

Have Your Cleaning Essentials Handy

Of course, a vanity closet is handy in storing your cleaning essentials, making cleaning on the go relatively easy. However, if installing this storage is tricky, you can still include some tiny wall-mounted shelves that are easy to reach. That should enable you to plan your cleaning less stressfully, quickly, and efficiently. Having your cleaning essentials in the open keeps you in the loop, keeping you aware of needed replenishments so that it doesn’t catch you off-guard.

Have More Effective Cleaning Materials

Your bathroom design may make cleaning much easier, but having more effective cleaning solutions and materials counts. Remember, you’ll be fighting off germs, stains, and mold, and you need cleaning materials best suited for the job. Vinegar, baking soda, or bleach work fine to eliminate stains, kill molds and obliterate germs and bacteria. Also, having a glass cleaner to squeegee the windows and a few dental floss or toothpicks to unclog your sinks makes things much more manageable. 


Having a clean bathroom doesn’t have to waste time or take too much effort anymore. If you properly design your bathroom layout, allowing for wide spaces and using suitable materials makes it pretty much a breeze. Above all, having a well-equipped arsenal of cleaning materials and solutions makes it easy to have a clean bathroom on end.

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