Decorative mirror wall designing tips

Decorating walls with a mirror is a great way to make the room appear larger and more open. It’s simple: just hang a large mirror on the wall and voila! Your room will feel bigger, brighter and airier. But you should consider how your style affects the appearance of your room before doing this project. Learn more with our decorative mirror wall designing tips now.

Know your style

When choosing a decorative mirror for your wall, it’s important to know your style. If you’re going for a modern look, consider choosing an asymmetrical or square mirror. If you want something more traditional, consider using a rectangular mirror with ornate details on the frame. You can use these as inspiration when decorating your home:

  • Your mirror should complement your space and not overpower it! Make sure that you don’t get too big of a piece (the average width of most walls is around 8 feet). Also keep in mind that if the room has low ceilings, avoid tall mirrors since they will bring the ceiling down even further
  • Adding an accent piece like vase or candle holder can help tie everything together without taking away from its purpose (i.e., reflecting light!)
  • Choose one with a frame – this way when hanging it on your wall you won’t see bare plaster behind it
Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash

Mirror size

The size of the mirror will depend on the space. If you have a large wall and want a big mirror, it will be best to keep it proportional in size. If your room is small or narrow, then you can go for a smaller mirror that is still bigger than your wall space so as not to make things look cluttered or cramped up.

For example, if you have a long wall and want to fill up all the available space with a huge mirror, then this may not be very practical because there will be an awkward gap between where it ends and where another piece of furniture begins (if there are any). Making sure that everything fits properly together is important when trying to create an overall aesthetic style within any given room design project; otherwise it’ll just look messy and disorganized which defeats its purpose entirely!

Mirror for large wall

  • Mirrors make a room look bigger. This is one reason why many people love to use mirrors in their bathrooms, where the small space can feel constricting and crowded without them.
  • A large mirror can be used as a focal point for any room of your home. If you want to draw attention to something specific in your living room or dining area, consider placing it near a large mirror that reflects light into an otherwise dimly lit area. You can also use this trick if you have an empty wall that needs some pizzazz!
  • Another way to make use of mirrors is by reflecting light into dark rooms with no natural illumination—like corners of your kitchen or bathroom at night when there’s no lights on! Just hang up a big ol’ shiny piece of glass on the wall opposite where you need more light, and presto: instant brightness!

Location and size of the mirror

If you want to make the most of your mirror, it’s important to choose a location where it will be seen in context. For example, if you have a small space and want your mirror to extend the visual impact, then place it across from or facing a large window. If you want the room to appear bigger, place the mirror across from or facing any visible walls (make sure there is ample natural light).

If you have an open floor plan and are looking for more depth in your room arrangement then try placing your mirrors at opposing corners; this creates visual separation between spaces while still allowing them access to one another visually.

Lighting and reflection

  • Place the mirror in a spot where you want it to reflect light. If you don’t have any windows, try placing it next to a lamp or other light source.
  • Make sure that the mirror is not in front of a window. Mirrors placed directly in front of windows can lead to glare and make it difficult for people to see themselves clearly while they’re getting ready in their bedrooms or bathrooms.

The mirror will reflect the light and make the space look brighter

Mirrors are great for reflecting light and making a space look brighter, so you’ll want to use them in areas where natural light is lacking. If you have a large wall and want to create a more interesting design, hang multiple mirrors on the wall to reflect the light from different angles. If you have a small wall, use a large mirror that fills up the space.

Mirrors come in many shapes and sizes—round or rectangular? Frameless or framed? Etched glass? Solid wood? Mirrors can be installed horizontally or vertically on your walls—it’s all about personal preference!


Decorative mirrors are a great way to add style and personality to any room in your home. Just remember that the mirror should complement the existing decor, not overpower it. It’s also important to consider where you’ll hang your mirror before buying one. If possible, try hanging it up yourself first so that you can see what will work best for your space!
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