Curtain hanging tips: How to hang them the right way

Hanging curtains properly makes your room look bigger and more luxurious. Learn how to do it right! The right way to hang curtains will make your room look bigger and give it a more luxurious feel. This article contain the curtain hanging tips for you do in the right way.

Measure the Room First

Before hanging any curtain rod, measure the length of the window frame. Then, measure the width of the window frame. Finally, measure the height of the window frame. You need to know these measurements so you can calculate the correct size of curtain rods.

Measure the width of your window, then subtract about an inch from that measurement. This is the length of curtain rod you will need for your window. You will want to add some extra length for the curtain rod so that it sits above the window frame—in this case about 20cm on each side.

Measure the height of your window, then add four inches to that measurement. This is the height of curtain rod you will need for your window. You’ll need to add some extra length to this measurement because the curtain rod will be positioned above the window frame. For example, if your window is 80cm tall, you’ll want to buy a 100cm-long curtain rod.

Measure how far from the wall you want your curtains to hang—this distance should be equal to or greater than half of your window’s width plus 5cm—and write down that number in centimeters or inches!

Photo by Glen Ardi on Unsplash
Photo by Glen Ardi on Unsplash

Pick the Right Curtain Rod

Choose the right size of curtain rod based on the measurements you took earlier. If you plan to hang two curtains side by side, choose a rod with a diameter equal to half the distance between the center points of the two curtains.

Choosing the right curtain rod type is also important. You can choose from tension rods, which are the most economical option, or specialty rods that fit into your window frame. Both options work great.

Purchase a metal curtain rod with a finial (the decorative piece at the end of the rod). The finial should be no more than three inches wide, or it will make your curtains look too heavy.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

You should also consider the color scheme of your room when choosing curtains. A neutral color scheme will make any room appear larger and brighter. However, if you prefer a bolder color, go for something bright and cheerful.

Use a curtain rod that’s the same width as your window. If it’s too wide, it’ll make your room look smaller; if it’s too narrow, it’ll make your room look cluttered. For example, if you have a 72″ window, use a 72″ rod.

Install the Curtain Hooks Properly

If you’re hanging curtains yourself, you need to install curtain hooks correctly. This will ensure that your curtains hang evenly and won’t fall down.

When installing the rod, make sure it is centered on the wall and level with each side so that when you hang your curtains they will hang straight down without looking unevenly spaced or crookedly hung!

Make sure to attach the brackets that hold up your rod to the wall studs—not just into drywall—so that they don’t fall off when you pull on them.

Photo by dimas anggara on Unsplash
Photo by dimas anggara on Unsplash

Hang the Curtain

You should hang your curtains at least two inches above the floor so that there’s enough space between them and the wall.

When hanging curtains from a rod, hang them so that they cover about 1/3 of your window. You want some light coming through, but not so much that it makes things feel bright or overwhelming in the room.

Now that you have your hardware in place, let’s talk about hanging the actual curtains. First, hang them on all of your brackets except one; this will give you a chance to make sure they look good before fully installing them. Then, hang them on the final bracket—and voila! Your curtains are ready to go.

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